Ash dispersal service in the sea of ​​Acapulco

Honoring your loved ones in an eternal paradise

At Boinita, we understand the importance of paying a meaningful last tribute to your loved ones who have passed away. Our ashes scattering service in Acapulco is a unique and moving way to honor their memory in an exceptionally beautiful setting.

Through this article, we will provide you with a detailed insight into how our service can help you organize a special and meaningful ceremony.

Acapulco: a paradisiacal destination for the scattering of ashes

Acapulco, with its exquisite natural beauty and impressive landscapes, is the ideal setting for the scattering of your loved ones’ ashes. Its golden sand beaches, the glow of the sun on the waves and the warm embrace of the ocean, create a serene and calm environment to pay tribute to those who are no longer with us.

Our ash scattering service in Acapulco

At Boinita, we are committed to providing you with a complete and personalized ash scattering service.

Our highly trained team will take care of all the logistical and legal details, allowing you to focus on the emotional meaning of the ceremony.

Selecting the perfect location

We will work closely with you to help you choose the perfect location for the scattering of ashes.

Whether it’s an iconic beach, a secluded cove, or a vantage point overlooking the ocean, we’ll ensure the location selected is meaningful and reflects your loved one’s personality and desires.

Coordination and planning of the ceremony

Our team will be in charge of the detailed coordination and planning of the ashes scattering ceremony.

From transporting the ashes to selecting personalized readings or speeches, we will ensure that every aspect of the ceremony is carefully organized and carried out with respect and professionalism.

Emotional accompaniment and support

We understand that the loss of a loved one is a difficult and emotionally challenging time.

Our trained team will be on hand to provide you with the necessary emotional support before, during and after the dispersal ceremony. We care about your well-being and will ensure that you feel accompanied and supported every step of the process.

Prices for ashes service in the sea of ​​Acapulco

20 people (simple)20 people (premium)40 peope (premium)
5 hours (Yacht use right)3 hours (Yacht use right)5 hours (Yacht use right)
Comfortable armchairsComfortable armchairsComfortable armchairs
Bathroom2 Bathroom2 Bathroom
Sunbathing areaSunbathing areaSunbathing area
Swimming platformElectric power 110VElectric power 110V
Coolers and iceFresh water watering cansFresh water watering cans
10 snorkel equipmentCoolers and iceCoolers and ice
soft drink barsoft drink bar
Snorkeling equipment24 complimentary beers
Snorkeling equipment
$12,000 pesos$20,000 pesos$30,000 pesos
*** Prices subject to change according to season.
*** (Farewell ritual + Altar and offering + Harmonization with bowls) is quoted separately.

An eternal tribute in the paradise of Acapulco

The scattering of ashes in Acapulco is more than a ceremony, it is an eternal tribute to life and love shared with loved ones. With the warm embrace of the Pacific Ocean and the majestic backdrop, your loved one will rest peacefully in this eternal paradise.

There are not enough words to describe the beauty and serenity of Acapulco as the final destination for the scattering of ashes.

His love will endure in every wave, in every ray of sun that illuminates the waters and in every whisper of the sea wind.


At Boinita, our ashes scattering service offers a unique and meaningful way to honor and remember your loved ones in a paradisiacal setting. We are proud to provide you with a complete and personalized experience, ensuring that every detail is attended to with professionalism and respect.

Trust us to carry out an ashes scattering ceremony that will be an eternal tribute full of love and beauty in the heart of this paradise.

Remember that Boinita is a Simple Cremation Service without a Funeral Service with the guarantee of the best price and service.

At Boinita we can take care of the cremation of your loved one. Then, once we have returned the ashes to you, you can arrange a simple memorial service that is perfect for you and your family.

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