Why is price transparency in cremation important?

Surveys conducted in several countries make it clear that giving consumers full pricing on cremation and transparent funeral costs will save them money.

For example, prices were analyzed in California, where state law requires prices to be published online. But a loophole in the law meant that 25 percent of funeral homes were hiding their prices from consumers.

The lack of transparency has led to price increases in the funeral home industry. For example, some cremations cost upwards of $40,000 pesos.

“I don’t think $40,000 pesos is a reasonable price for a cremation.”

Studies on cremation prices

Studies on cremation prices

A 2016 study also found wide variation in funeral prices. The authors of the report use a restaurant analogy to explain why inclusive pricing is also important:

Imagine a restaurant that offers a special lobster dinner on Fridays for $900 pesos.

If the restaurant followed funeral industry practices, the final bill delivered to a customer would appear this way:

  • Lobster special: $ 900 pesos
  • Lobster rate — $ 450 pesos
  • TOTAL: $ 1,350 pesos

Unlike many competitors, Boinita will never charge hidden and exorbitant additional fees. Our transparent pricing means you know that your total cost will be $6,499 pesos, even if you have special requests.

Consumers can defend themselves armed with information and questions. You can request prices and use alternative containers for leftovers. In addition, it is not necessary to hire all the services they normally offer or special caskets.

Many of us believe that high prices should not be profited from when a person does not have a funeral package, in some cases this price can be as much as double. That is why a simple cremation without a funeral service is often the best option for most families, as it is inexpensive and very easy to arrange. Family members may hold a mass on their own or a gathering with their loved ones at a time of their choosing. You can then decide whether to keep the ashes at home, bury them in a garden or cemetery, pour them into the sea or place them in a niche. There are many options and all are correct.

Remember that Boinita is a Simple Cremation Service without a Funeral Service with the guarantee of the best price and service.

At Boinita we can take care of the cremation of your loved one. Then, once we have returned the ashes to you, you can arrange a simple memorial service that is perfect for you and your family.

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