Price List for Cancun Ash Niches 2020

Niches for Ashes in Cancun

Many choose a simple cremation over a traditional funeral because of the enormous savings. Another advantage is easier scheduling for the memorial service and being able to have the ash niches close to your home.

These advantages are the reason why cremation in Cancun has become the preferred option for more than 60% of Cancun residents.

Compare niche services in Cancun

Boinita has a convenient list of prices and telephone numbers of organizations that offer the service of niches for ashes in Cancun. This makes it easier to find economic niches near you.

Review the services you want and call. This helps everyone understand exactly what costs are involved. With this information you can pay for these services in advance and in some cases take advantage of a promotion.

Cremation urns

You may wish to have an urn to hold the ashes. The cost of an urn is around $500 to $10,000 pesos. If your budget is tight, consider using any other container you can get for a cheaper price, such as a nice ceramic vase with a lid or a beautiful jar..

You can also get creative and use something that reminds you of a favorite thing, such as a nice empty liquor bottle, jewelry box, etc. There is really no reason to limit your options in this regard.

How to choose a niche for ashes in Cancun?

How to choose a niche for ashes in Cancun?

Before choosing a location for your urn, take a look at the tips and suggestions below, the goal is to help you get organized and understand what your options are. It is much better to take the time beforehand to decide which provider is best for you.

So how do you choose a niche that is right for you or your loved one?

It really comes down to your priorities. Here are some things to consider:

Niche location

Location can be important when choosing a niche for several reasons. First, if your loved one has already arranged a future package with a funeral home, it is probably wise to call them on the phone and ask what their service includes.

You may want to consider the distance from close friends and family. Remember that the new generations are more nomadic and are not as committed to a fixed location.

Try to have the location within 10 km of your home and that your provider is flexible in visiting hours.

Logistics and amenities

Depending on what you envision for the service, a particular funeral home or church may work best for you. Some things to consider include the size of the niche, whether or not you want an on-site event space for group visits, a particular feature such as a garden, or other features such as technology.

When you call to inquire about niches, be sure to ask about their special features and amenities.

Price List of a niche in Cancun

How much does a niche cost? The price varies according to the place where the urn will be placed, the services and details you choose.. You will have an easier process if you can establish a rough budget range. Always ask if there is flexibility in payments.

Whatever your budget, the cemetery or church should be willing to provide transparent pricing and create something meaningful that honors your loved one, but don’t feel pressured to go into debt.

A beautiful farewell has much more to do with the feelings, emotions and memories of a beloved friend or family member.

Gardens of Peace Funeral Park9988807160
Holy Trinity Cathedral9988848176$8,500
Christ the King Church9988840513
Riviera Memorial – Latin American9988856046
Jardines de Paz – Gayosso9988807157$6,500$11,600
Breton Funeral Home9988865757
Forests of Peace9982940290$8,500 a $16,000
Los Olivos Municipal Cemetery9982176728

Most of these cemeteries and churches include the following in their services:

  • Plate engravings.
  • First opening and closing of the plate.
  • Ballot box placement ceremony.
  • Perpetuity.
  • 100% transferable.

Green niches in Cancun

Funeral tree used in green niches

Placement of ashes in a funeral forest is an alternative to traditional burial services. Instead of gathering family members in a grave, the ashes of the deceased are placed in a natural setting, such as a forest.

This eco-friendly option allows family members to pay their respects in an intimate and unique way by scattering their loved one’s ashes among the trees and foliage of a beautiful forest. A burial forest can provide a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere for families to remember their loved ones, while helping to conserve nature.

The burial site may include signs or markers designating the area where the ashes were deposited, allowing family and friends to easily locate it in the future.

You can find more information in our article on green niches.


Most cemeteries are open to caring for families regardless of their customs, but there are some providers that specialize in working with certain traditions and religions.

If you are not sure, you can ask. Most are very open to special requests and needs that will help you choose the right farewell.

Be an informed consumer

A little knowledge goes a long way in relieving stress and making things more organized. Try these tips:

  • Call churches and cemeteries that interest you; ask questions and speak frankly; share your priorities and concerns.
  • Go to visit. Before choosing a niche, you can tour the facility. Feel free to come in and simply tell them you are interested. They will be happy to receive it and you will have a good idea of what to expect.

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