Can a person who had an accident or suicide be cremated?

Cremation in people who had an accident or suicide

According to Mexican law it is not possible to cremate a person who had an accident or suicide, cremating a person erases any type of evidence that clarifies the lack of an organ, as well as the causes of death.

Cremation of bodies that suffered violent death is prohibited as:

  • Accident.
  • Intentional homicide.
  • Feminicide.
  • Suicide.

If tomorrow there is a suspicion of a violent death, the authorities will be able to carry out the exhumation and resume the investigation with evidence, which would not be possible if cremation had been authorized.

The possibility of having physical evidence in the future, if necessary, should be left open. Justice can even be achieved in cases many years later thanks to DNA testing of the victims.

Mexican laws on cremation, cremation of a person who had an accident or suicide.

Mexican cremation laws

Article 348. The burial or cremation of corpses may only be carried out with the authorization of the corresponding officer of the Civil Registry, who will require the presentation of the death certificate.

The corpses must be buried, cremated or embalmed within forty-eight hours after death, unless specifically authorized by the competent health authority or by order of the Public Prosecutor’s Office or the judicial authority.

Burial and cremation of corpses may only be carried out in places permitted by the competent health authorities.

In the case of corpses of known persons, the written consent of the spouse, concubine or common-law spouse, ascendants, descendants, siblings or guardian will be required.

The authority must verify the veracity of such consent and, if applicable, report any irregularity to the health authority and the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office.

So you can only bury a person if they had an accident or suicide?

Yes, and this could be a financial problem for the family since simple cremation is much cheaper than burial.

Simply in a cremation the family can decide to have the urn at home or bury it in the garden, while in a burial they have to hire the services in a cemetery or cemetery which by internal policies sell quadruplex (this makes the prices increase considerably).

Of course everyone loves their family and we would like to carry out the will of the deceased but unfortunately in cases of accidents we often have no say in the matter.

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