How to avoid mistakes after losing a loved one

The death of a loved one is a very powerful event in our lives. An irreparable loss leaves an indelible mark that will mark us for the rest of our lives. With his departure, it is not only that person who leaves us physically, but also a part of us leaves with him. Our shared experiences, secrets and memories that this person carried of us fade away, and we are left grieving and saddened.

From the wide experience that distinguishes us for being a leading company in the field, in Bonita we have decided to offer you not only a series of articles for every moment that you go through or that concern the death. Also, in this article, we will guide you to avoid making some mistakes that will help you cope with grief in a better way.

Most common mistakes when losing a loved one

Most common mistakes when losing a loved one

The moment of the death of your loved ones will leave you immobile and unable to react; as a first point it is important to be helped by friends or relatives to plan the funeral, but above all to provide the necessary support and not to fall apart.

Common mistakes when losing a loved one
  • Do not make hasty decisions: The passing of a loved one causes us to run behind decisions that should not be made lightly. Discuss the best funeral service provider for the deceased. It is important to keep in mind that, from the time of death until the hospital releases the body, you will have some time to consider the type of ceremony your loved one would have wanted.
  • Organization of documents and assets of the deceased: One of the most common mistakes is to try to organize the deceased’s belongings by room or to divide them item by item found. Ideally, it is best to organize by categories: documents, legal, clothing, valuable or affective goods. This will make it easier for you to divide the assets until you reach an agreement or find a will.
  • Do not punish yourself: The loss of our loved one is a situation of great trauma and stress. After the death happens, you will have the impulse to go to your family member’s home and arrange and separate their clothes or things that really are not a great need at first. If it is important that someone takes care of the pets -if you have them- or of the food that could rot. But you must be careful not to make decisions that could affect you psychologically and mentally.
  • Cancel the obligations and services that the deceased was paying: Once the death has occurred, you should not omit to cancel the public services such as: Electricity, gas, telephone and others, whenever the house is going to remain without inhabitants for a long period. In addition, in the event that the deceased was the beneficiary of any financial assistance from the state, he/she should notify the deceased immediately, since the bereaved will be responsible for returning this money.
  • Preserve yourself: The most important mistake is to leave ourselves in the background and we take ourselves out of focus, and at the same time we stop taking care of ourselves. You must give yourself room to express and let all your emotions flow; you must not feel fear or shame, it is to let the mourning happen and to be able to be with our senses on track to continue on the rails of our new life, as strong as possible.

From Bonita we wish to accompany you not only in giving your loved one the ceremony and farewell that he/she surely deserved. But also, to give you the tools to cope with the journey of grief, to go through it together so that you can continue along the path of life, honoring your loved ones.

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