How do you talk to your parents about their funeral arrangements?

As we know, death is an inevitable part of life. As difficult as it may be for us to talk and think about, most of us will have to make funeral arrangements for our parents. When this moment happens, we will surely want to honor every last detail of his wishes after his death.

Although it pains us in the depths of our souls, there will be a series of questions we must ask our parents before their departure:

  • If you want flowers: Which ones and what kind?
  • Whether you wish to be buried or cremated.
  • If he wanted to be cremated,where would he put his ashes?
  • The music you prefer to be played at that moment.
  • Or what type of funeral or service you prefer.

Most people do not see death as part of our lives. Nor do we analyze the expenses that will be generated by our deaths, which will be borne by our loved ones.

How much pain it would spare us and how much money we would save our loved ones if we planned our burials and bought our plots while we are still alive, right?

However, on most occasions this does not happen and it is we ourselves who have to take the reins of the conversation to plan for this terrible moment that we will all have to face.

Cases of conversation about funeral arrangements

Cases of conversation about the organization of a funeral.

For these cases you have two ways to approach this conversation: directly or indirectly. In both cases, the tone of the conversation should not go out of the channels of relaxation and the elucidation of a fact that will concern us all.

Let’s take a look at some cases:

  • Direct Way: This way is to tell your parents that, as uncomfortable as it may sound, you must establish the guidelines for the time of their departure. Discuss the type of service they prefer and the ways they would like to be reminded of it. Explain to them that our only wish is to know that, when this happens, we will be incurring the details they would have wished for.
  • Indirect way: In these cases, one of the ways to break the ice is to talk about situations that other families have experienced. In which, not knowing what the parents’ wishes were, the loved ones did not know if the funeral service, floral arrangements and so on, were correct. This point allows us to open the conversation to find out what our parents’ wishes are.

Once we have broached the topic of conversation, it is important that we listen to every detail that is discussed. Surely, and as much as it pains us, our parents have already pre-established convictions and desires or also some ideas that we have not thought of at all.

We will not be saying anything new if we state that none of us will get out of this world alive. Death is part of life, having a conversation about our wishes at the moment of how we want to carry out our own funeral or that of our parents, will allow us to fulfill our will until the last moment.

However, what could or should be a normal talk can sometimes be made difficult by how scary we know that moment will be. But if we know how to initiate that talk, we will have overcome the most difficult moment than breaking the taboo of death.

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