How to prepare for the death of a family member?

When a loved one is facing his or her last breaths of life, family members must work on two unavoidable issues: Helping to care for the loved one and taking care of oneself. .

When we inevitably know that the most terrifying but part of life, death, is knocking at the door of our loved ones, we must help them with all the attention they require.

Based on this, we will have to organize ourselves to provide all the assistance and have the guidance of specialists to guide us during this difficult time. In most cases, our family member may require not only our company, but also professional medical help.

When our loved ones are dying, we tend to put ourselves last and, while these characteristics are laudable, as we want to give them the highest quality of life possible in their last days; we must not forget that we also live, each and every day, and therefore we are worthy of a good quality of life.

For this reason, it is important to let ourselves be helped in order to have all the strength and energy to face this moment accompanied and to come out of this situation as unharmed as possible.

What are the processes we will face during this final stage of our loved one?

What are the processes we will face during this final stage of our loved one?

Facing the last moments of our loved ones makes us go through different sensations that prepare us for the final mourning. In most cases, people must suffer symptoms such as:

  • Excessive suffering
  • Fears
  • Nausea
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Lack of capacity for personal care
  • Confusion and temporary amnesias.

In all these cases, both our loved ones and ourselves will have to go through these temporary challenges in order to provide our loved ones with a better quality of life. Therapeutic help is always a great option to avoid collapsing in the face of the inevitable.

To make a retrospective review of our loved one’s life

Beyond the tremendous impact that this time in our lives will have on us, it is important that, together with our loved ones, we make a review of their lives. This will be beneficial for those of us who are staying, as well as for the person who is about to leave.

There will come a time when the stalking of death will be imminent, making between us a summary of the life of our loved one will give us a sense of fullness that will fill our souls.

Hold nothing back

Hold nothing back

On many occasions, human beings, perhaps as a means of preservation and not feeling vulnerable, find it difficult to express their feelings. Therefore, it is essential that we let our loved ones know how they have impacted our lives; not just our own, but those of others as well.

This activity can be carried out both with family members and close friends of the patient. Enjoying a more “relaxed” moment by sharing photos, videos or writings, will give a process of fulfillment and, if desired, will give our loved one the relief of feeling that the task has been accomplished.

Finally, there are three ways to evaluate and face the situation we will be going through with the imminent death of our loved one:

  • Assume and analyze: At this point it is ideal that as quickly as we can, we assume what is happening and give it a more optimistic approach. In this regard, we must be aware that, despite the pain caused by this upcoming death, we still have time to let him know how much we love him. In addition, we will be able to make this last stretch of your life, as much as possible.
  • Be proactive: Here, we must make a greater effort to try to provide our loved one with what he or she needs to get through the condition he or she is facing. This means respecting their decisions and their will.

Some people at this point prefer to be taken to a hospice, have 24-hour care, or remain in the comfort of their own home. Here it is important to evaluate the resources available to us and the external needs of our patient in order to provide him with the necessary comfort.

  • Controlling emotions: We are emotional beings and controlling our feelings becomes difficult. On many occasions, when death is knocking at the door, it is normal for us to rely on spiritual and religious consolation. However, taking advantage of this time with our loved one to help him or her: Conclude projects, organize inheritances and legacies, share words of farewell with their friends or heal old wounds with family members; could be a comfort that gives us peace of mind in our souls.

The painful moment will inevitably come, going through it and the consequences that this will leave us will be totally linked to how we face this hard time. The important thing will be that our loved one can leave with the feeling that he or she has succeeded and that we spend the second after his or her death in the best possible way.

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