How to choose a funeral home?

The truth is that the process of selecting a funeral home is neither simple nor pleasant. However, when the time comes to select one, especially if the death has been sudden, it will bring us more stress than we are already suffering.

Funeral services, as much as we may not be able to see at the time we are choosing, are an industry. As such, they have a lucrative purpose and, in order not to fall into overpricing and scams, it is better to be aware of some points so as not to suffer economic damage.

Tips for choosing a funeral home

Tips for choosing a funeral home

Many funeral services are of excellence and work with great respect for the bodies of the deceased; however, they have no compassion for those who remain, the living. For this reason, from our company and our experience, we will give you some tips so that you are informed and can give your loved one the service he/she deserves and do not fall into price scams.

Choosing a funeral home
  • Contact at least 3 funeral homes in your area: Find out what type of service they offer, their scope, prices and facilities. In the case of going to the funeral home in person, do it in the company of a friend who can help you ask questions and clear up doubts that, perhaps you, because of the moment you are going through, may not be able to glimpse. Another important point to check is the funeral home’s website, where you will be able to find the specific service and the prices they offer.
  • Check the funeral home’s rating: Whether through friends, family and the Internet, you can get an idea of what the funeral home’s experiences have been like. In this way, you will know that you can count on a service of quality and excellence. Thanks to the Internet, this point is greatly simplified, because many funeral homes now have user reviews and experiences that will help you make the right decision.
  • Ask for the quotation in writing: In line with the first point, and in order not to fall into unstipulated overpricing, ask for the quotation in writing. This way they can be caught off guard with a point that has exceeded what was agreed upon.
  • In the event that it is your desire, hire a funeral home that offers comprehensive services: Ignorance in this case makes us realize that in this industry there is a lot to consider. When a funeral service is contracted, it is assumed that it has all the services that we assume are contemplated. However, this is not the case and it is important that you detail at the time of contracting the service everything you want.
  • Do not omit when hiring a funeral home that is in accordance with your religious beliefs: it is important to mention that there is a possibility that a funeral home may not be able to respect all religious beliefs. For this reason, before performing the service, make sure that it respects your religious beliefs as well as those of the deceased.

In the traumatic moment of the loss of a loved one, we have to make a decision that is not easy at all: to choose where we will perform the funeral ritual.

Although this task is not easy at all, from Boinita we offer you our experience and professionalism so that you can fulfill your wishes, and that of your family so that the last goodbye can be done in the way that will make your loved one go in peace.

At Boinita we can take care of the cremation of your loved one. Then, once we have returned the ashes to you, you can arrange a simple memorial service that is perfect for you and your family.

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