What do you do when someone dies far from home or while traveling?

Unfortunately, the mental and emotional suffering that death brings to the relatives of the deceased is inexplicable. The situation becomes more difficult if the person has died in another country or city and you do not know the procedure to bring him or her back home.

In this case, you will probably need the services of two funeral homes, one in the area where the person died and one in the city or town where the deceased will be buried. Many people prefer to contact a funeral home in the city where the deceased was born so that arrangements can be made. The funeral home will coordinate transportation with a local funeral home in the city where the person died.

Here is the detailed procedure for transporting deceased family members:

Air transport services for the deceased:

Airlines provide services to obtain the required documents for the shipment of deceased persons. You will need the services of;

  • Documentation assistance
  • Embalming
  • Coffin box
  • Customs clearance
  • Airline tickets
  • Visas, etc.

Services for transporting deceased persons by train:

Transportation by train of family members who died within the country can be arranged at a reasonable cost only if a minimum shipping service is contracted and the funeral home takes care of the receiving process in the destination city.

Road transport services for the deceased (carriage):

Transportation of the deceased within a city or between cities is the easiest to arrange. Road transportation is a service that most funeral homes perform on an ongoing basis. Try to get a quote from at least 3 funeral homes.

Other transportation services for the deceased:

Transportation of a deceased family member may require several destinations either by air or boat or in a funeral van known as a hearse.

Take into account all the expenses that the family member arranging the death arrangements may have, such as hotels, meals, taxes, transportation, casket, tips, etc.

What is the most economical option for transporting a family member who dies far from home?

What is the most economical option for transporting a deceased family member?

Undoubtedly the most economical option for transporting a deceased family member is simple cremation without a funeral service. In this way, all the death certificates are obtained in the city where the person died, the death certificate is issued, the cremation of the loved one and as the urn containing the ashes is small, one can transport it in one’s own car or buy a plane ticket without so many formalities or expenses..

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