What are the biggest myths about cremation?

The biggest myths of cremation

In this guide we are going to explain what are the main myths about cremation that people have lately:

1.- If you are cremated or cremated, you do not have a funeral.

Essentially you can choose whether or not you want a funeral service with cremation. A standard cremation includes the funeral service, but you may also choose what is called a“direct or simple cremation,” where there is no service or wake.

Direct cremations are the least expensive option option compared to burial.

2.- The casket is reused.

Some confusion can arise here thanks to the use of casket covers: they are sometimes placed over a casket in a cremation funeral service to make a very simple casket look a bit more decorative (these covers are often reused).

And in some cases funeral homes temporarily rent a casket during the memorial service, then place the person in a simpler casket before cremation begins.

3.- They take your clothes off.

No! Unless he specifically asked to be naked in his coffin (why?). Clothes always remain on, however, you should not wear synthetic fabrics.

4.- Ashes are ashes.

In reality, they are fragments of pulverized bone. The organic elements of the human body vaporize in the extreme heat of the crematorium, leaving behind the skeleton and metal fragments.

The metal is lifted with a magnet, and the bones are pulverized with a grinder. We explain this process better in the following article.

5.- If cremated, it cannot be embalmed.

Once cremation has taken place, it is impossible to have an embalming. On the other hand, it is possible to have an embalming for the funeral service (wake) and then be cremated.

6.- The human skull explodes!

This myth is still included in textbooks: the idea that during cremation the brain boils in the skull, creating enough pressure for it to explode is false.

Thanks to experiments conducted by several forensic researchers, we now know that this does not happen. It is simply that the heat makes the skull more fragile. Things that can explode? Pacemakers and watches.

7.- You cannot be cremated if you are Catholic.

This used to be true: the Catholic Church initially opposed cremation, as it was thought to suggest a lack of belief in the resurrection. But the Vatican gave cremation approval in the 1960s.

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8.- If you cremate several people at the same time, you cannot be sure which ashes you get.

People are cremated one at a time. After each cremation, the ashes are removed from the chamber before the next cremation begins. This may not be foolproof (minute traces may remain), but ashes generally do not mix.

This step is explained in the article Cremate a Relative, how do you know that the ashes do not belong to another person?

There are probably more myths! But these are the main ones.

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