How do you explain cremation to young children?

How to tell a child about someone’s death

Whether your pet has passed away or if there has been a death in the family and you want to bring your child to the funeral, talking about death with children is never easy.

Death is a somewhat complex and perhaps too dark a subject for a child. In fact, most parents don’t even like to mention the word death in front of their young children.

The “death talk” with children

Many parents seem to firmly believe that talking about death with their children could leave them horrified and may even scare them for life.

But, at the same time, it is important for children to attend events such as a funeral. Attending such events will not only strengthen a child’s belief in death, but also teach him or her how to properly honor a loved one who passed away.

How old should my child be before I talk to them about death?

It is not about the child’s age but about his or her maturity. As soon as you think your child can grasp big concepts without any difficulty, you should let him or her know what death is. Some children will be able to handle such conversations before age 5, while others may take two years longer.

Some parents also like to lie about death to their children, saying things like “death is like sleeping”; this is wrong. Whatever you do, don’t lie about what death is.

Tips for explaining death or cremation to children

Tips for explaining cremation to a child

  • Using very polite words and avoiding any aggressive details, you should inform a child about the death.
  • Try to remain comfortable, calm and collected while explaining this sensitive topic to a child, or else he or she may pick up on your emotions.
  • Do not use complicated words and language; use only words that the child can easily understand and simplify the explanation.
  • While explaining, avoid using words such as “burned” and “fire” as they may frighten the child.
  • Your explanation should make it clear that the deceased suffers no harm during cremation, as the body feels no pain.
  • If you believe in the concept of a soul or afterlife, comfort the child with these beliefs to help him or her accept the fact that their loved one is no longer in the form of a body.
  • You can make the child feel better by explaining that the deceased person has returned to God and his or her body has been returned to earth with respect.
  • Sharing information about the cremation process with your child can help him or her heal. When you are concerned about the extent of details to share, simply answer their questions honestly and provide only as much information as the child requests.
  • Do NOT call cremated remains “ashes”. If you call them “ashes,” you won’t be able to empty an ashtray for years without the kids getting mad because you’re dumping on grandpa.

Going to a funeral with children

When it comes to taking them to a funeral, explain clearly what a funeral is and what will happen. Let them know that if they see some adults crying, it’s okay.

As for viewing the body, let the child decide whether he/she wants to see the body or not. When allowing the child to view the body, make sure the child is in the care of a close relative who can answer the child’s questions or take the child away in case he or she is overwhelmed.

You can simply make it clear to the child that, in the cremation process, the deceased is taken to a crematorium and placed in a room where it is reduced to soft, fine particles like sand. Therefore, the process helps the body return to dust.

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