3 reasons why you should choose cremation

Reasons to choose cremation

Today, approximately seven out of 10 deaths involve cremation, which represents a significant increase in recent years.

There are many reasons that contribute to why an increasing number of people are choosing cremation over traditional burial, the main cause being an increasingly mobile society.

This article explores three reasons to choose cremation to help you decide if it is best for you or someone you love.

Lower cost of cremations

Cremation is less expensive than a traditional funeral, i.e., burial of the deceased after a wake or religious ceremony has a national average cost of $45,000 pesos.

That includes a metal casket but not a cemetery location, headstone or other costs such as flowers or obituaries.

When considering costs, it is important to understand that cremation is neither an alternative to nor a rejection of a traditional funeral. Cremation, on the other hand, is simply a form of bodily disposition from which you can choose.

In other words, if you select cremation for yourself or someone you love, you can still hold a wake and religious ceremony if you wish.

This means that the amount of money you spend may be more or less than the above averages, depending on the services you select.

For example, a direct or simple cremation in which a body is cremated without any type of funeral service at Boinita costs $ 6,499 pesos. .

Flexible service options for cremation choices

Flexible service options

Because the human body begins a process of decomposition immediately after death unless it is professionally embalmed, a funeral or memorial service occurs relatively soon after death.

Since the family needs to arrange the funeral, and provide their loved ones living outside with time to travel, funeral services generally occur 2 days after the death.

On the other hand, after a body is cremated, there is no urgency to perform any funeral service with the cremated remains (“ashes”) .

It is common for the family to witness the cremation process begin and then hold a memorial service after weeks, months or even years.

This allows loved ones to focus on the immediacy of their grief without having to deal with the myriad details of arranging a funeral.

Better for the environment

Determining how “green” something is these days is not so easy. After all, a company that recycles aluminum cans could be considered green compared to one that uses solar energy.

Cremation is considered better for the environment since a traditional funeral involves the use of formaldehyde-based embalming fluids.

There are times when governments (oil) may pay a company to help them flaring gas. In this case, cremation ovens help by not releasing such toxic gases into our environment.

Cremated remains do not require any use of soil, and can be kept in an urn in your home or placed in a significant location. Even if you decide to bury the urn, the amount of soil required is even less than that needed to bury a casket.

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