Why do I want to be cremated instead of buried?

Why do I want to use Cremation?

Cremation makes sense for many people for several reasons; it requires no emotional involvement, no fancy casket , no expensive real estate or family crypt.

Environmentally it makes sense as it eliminates the whole body decay process. We come from the earth and can return much more efficiently if we are incinerated.

Cemeteries take up a lot of space and sometimes they have to be moved so that something else can occupy that space or the family has to move out of town and it is practically economically unfeasible to move a casket from a cemetery.

People can remember their dead in ways other than creating large monuments and taking up a lot of space. It’s the thought that counts. Right?

Traditional burial with embalming and a casket is expensive. A total waste of resources, if I could be buried green, no chemicals, no coffin, no cemetery, then I would consider being buried more.

Leaving the corpse to slowly rot in a grave seems impractical. Besides, yuck! When the time comes, light me up and put me under a big tree so I can help it grow. Maybe it’s just me, but … There are several good reasons to use cremation.

Reasons to use cremation, because I want to be cremated.

Reasons to use cremation


Cremation generally costs 80% less than traditional burial in general. The urns are cheaper than the coffins. Why burden your survivors with additional debt?


Cremation can eliminate the need for a more elaborate burial ceremony including casket, flowers, float, etc.


The urn is much smaller than a casket and very easy to transport and store at home. Cremation also frees up the time frame, so you can keep the remains indefinitely until you and your family arrange burial, scattering or other forms of disposition.

Environmental concerns

Traditional burial takes up space in the ground and often involves large doses of chemicals (when the body is embalmed). Cremation affects carbon emissions, but as equipment and technology improve, the impact on the environment decreases. There is some debate, but cremation is generally considered “greener” and more environmentally friendly.

Less tradition, more personnel.

While family and religious traditions are still very important to people, there is a general trend away from traditionalism. Instead, families prefer to celebrate their family member in a unique and personal way. Cremation offers the flexibility for loved ones to design a completely unique memorial.

Being cremated means you won’t end up in an unattended and unvisited grave (eventually everyone will be unattended and unvisited).

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