I don’t know if I want to be buried or cremated at my funeral?

Do you want to be cremated or buried?

Most people do not like to imagine whether they want to be buried or cremated. There are many divided opinions and the one you decide should be the one that brings you the most peace.

For most environmentalists, burial is actually better than cremation. They say that our lives fertilize as nature intended.

Cremation accounts for 70% to 75% of all deaths. A crematorium uses approximately 285 kilowatt hours of gas and 15 kWh of electricity on average per cremation.

Then there are the materials used to make a coffin. Wooden caskets are made of solid oak or pine, or more likely (89%, in fact) of chipboard, which is bonded with a formaldehyde resin.

But these materials also enter the soil if burial is the preferred option, as do embalming chemicals, also formaldehyde-based, which can, over time, enter the aquifer. So, even in death, we are not free from our environmental impact.

Burial at sea may seem like a logical ecological choice, but authorities generally frown upon our choosing to become fish food.

However, woodland burials are becoming an increasingly popular option, as is the use of fully biodegradable caskets or urns. These burial sites are left unmarked or are marked by planting a tree or wildflowers. Any casket used should be made of a fully biodegradable material, such as cardboard, or a cloth or curtain may be used.

Which is the better option, burial or cremation?

So… Which is the better option, burial or cremation?

While many find much solace in a burial, there is a question about how sustainable it can be to offer everyone who can afford their own piece of virgin forest in perpetuity. One of the reasons cremation replaced burials was because available space in cemeteries had decreased considerably over the decades.

Ecological alternatives to burial and cremation are still being sought. Some companies try to freeze-dry their dead with liquid nitrogen. Solar-powered crematoria have been proposed to avoid burning so many gases into the atmosphere.

But while we wait to find out if these are viable options, it appears that new crematory furnace technologies are making great strides with dual chamber and gas recycling options. This results in much less pollution than the earlier versions.

Simple Cremation is up to 80% more economical

What is a reality is that a simple cremation can be up to 80% cheaper than a burial because it omits many unnecessary expenses.

In addition, families can organize their mass and gatherings with friends of the deceased at their convenience. You can even save money on hiring niches or graves if you choose to keep the urn in the house or bury it in the garden.

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