What to do to make a funeral less traumatic for a family member?

Some friends or family members who attend a funeral are traumatized or have nightmares because of how loud it can be. Here are some tips to make a funeral less traumatic for some family members:

Death is hard and emotional and there is nothing wrong with that. No one should be forced to see a loved one at his or her funeral. Some people find closure in this way, but others are happier and much better off, simply preserving their memories.. You should do what feels good to you.

Honor your family member in your own way to make the funeral as atraumatic as possible.

Honor your family member in your own way

One suggestion would be to process and honor your family member in your own way. If you feel you want to be part of the funeral, you can volunteer for certain “jobs” such as passing out programs for the wake or, greeting acquaintances in the visitation room. That way, people can express their condolences to you and you can feel safe while you are there.

Another suggestion is inform the family in advance that you choose not to view the casket. No one should be forced to do that if they don’t want to. Tell them that you will pay your respects in a different way..

Funeral Homes or Crematories care for your loved one

First and foremost, remember that funeral homes generally take very good care of their deceased or they would not stay open for very long. They keep the bodies under their care in a refrigerated environment (not in a freezer) because it is the best way to preserve their appearance and delay the inevitable. Embalming takes this process even further and also helps kill germs.

Bodies are always treated with respect and dignity. People who work in embalming, funeral homes or crematories work there because they care about people. They care for your loved one and treat them with love and respect with the family in mind.

Before a person is prepared for a funeral, they bathe and groom themselves before dressing. This is done with great care.

Your loved one lives in your memories

Finally, remember that Once a person dies, his or her body will eventually return to the elements like any other life form. However, they live forever in your memories and in the stories you tell about them.

Our culture honors our deceased in this way and a great example of this is the Disney movie“Coco” where thanks to the memories we keep alive those who have passed away.

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