How do I dress for a funeral?

What to wear to a wake?

Here are some things to consider when dressing for a funeral.

The tradition at many funerals used to be to dress entirely in black to represent grief. Today, more leeway is given for the attire you wear to a funeral, as many people want a more cheerful send-off.

Basics of dressing for funerals

For men, a classic dark suit and tie is usually a safe choice.

Women’s clothing follows similar rules as men’s, such as a modest dress or pants and a blouse, is usually ideal.

How close are you to the family? If you had a close relationship with the deceased then you should dress more formally if the occasion permits.

Which event are you attending?

If the funeral ceremony is traditional in a church, for example, you will want to dress more formally than if you were attending a wake or a celebration of life.

Dress with comfort in mind: If you are arranging a funeral, you may spend much of the day standing around talking to people and going through your own grieving process.

Consider your footwear

You may be on your feet more than expected. While high heels may be formal, you wouldn’t want to take them off or walk around in pain all day. Flat shoes or boots can be another good option and much more comfortable.

What colors to use?

While you are no longer required to wear only black for ceremonies, you will still want to wear dark colors to pay your respects to the family and avoid standing out during the funeral.

Dress children like adults

If you decide it is appropriate to bring your children to the wake, then you will also want to dress them formally.

What not to do with funeral attire

What not to do with funeral attire

Do not ignore hair habits

As with exotic colors and outfits, you may want to avoid extravagant hairstyles.

Do not wear shiny jewelry or accessories

When it comes to going to a funeral, it’s always best to be serious and respectful, so consider smaller jewelry.

Do not wear flip-flops

Some types of open heels may be appropriate for a funeral, but never wear beach shoes such as flip-flops and shiny sandals.


When it comes to choosing clothing for a funeral, focus on your own comfort and ease, wear respectful colors and choose shoes you can wear all day. The more comfortable and secure you are, the easier it will be to focus on what really matters, honoring the person who has gone and being with friends and family.

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