Advice on baby loss and miscarriage

Pregnancy loss and miscarriage

Just a warning before reading this post: the subject matter and content we are discussing in this article are difficult. We provide answers and information in an attempt to destigmatize pregnancy loss. If you are dealing with the loss of a baby, our heart and support is with you.

Did you know that more than 10% of pregnancies end in miscarriage? However, the issue has been largely secret. If we want to change the way we talk about miscarriage, the name itself should be changed. After all, the negative connotation of “miscarriage” falsely suggests that a woman has done something wrong.. Below we will answer some questions about pregnancy loss and what happens after the loss of a baby.

There is no “easier” miscarriage.

This is a loss. While some would say it is easier if it is within a few months, there is no such thing as an “easy” miscarriage. Yes, you will have had less time to develop a connection with your baby, but nonetheless, you will have felt the joy of watching him or her grow. If it is before, it is likely that you did not tell many people and, therefore, you are probably suffering on your own or with your partner.

It’s hard when you keep the secret of your pain. In addition, a late-stage miscarriage comes with its own pain and challenges. It is difficult to have to spread the sad news as many are excited about the baby and many of their items have already been purchased.

My boyfriend or husband is also grieving

Many assume that this is a grief felt only by the woman, since she was the one carrying the baby. Men are in a very difficult situation here because they are not only trying to comfort their partner, but they are also experiencing the loss. Joyfully anticipating the arrival of a new baby is not an exclusively maternal emotion.

“My body failed me.”

Many women believe that their calling in life is to have a baby. All too often, when a miscarriage occurs, the woman not only grieves, but also feels guilty.. Doctors usually do not know what happened, but one thing is certain: the woman did not “lose” the baby.

It’s more complicated than people think

Because this is still a taboo subject, painful details are not talked about. These are some of the moments they were not prepared for:

  • Having to go through labor just to expel a lifeless body.
  • Returning to work and having co-workers who don’t know you are suffering.
  • Struggling to be happy for other pregnant women during this period.
  • Bereavement while having a hormonal process.
  • The wear and tear they may have on your body.

Another baby does not replace the one that was lost

A child with a healthy life does not replace the pain of loss. In fact several moms often found themselves comparing their babies to the unborn. Especially during the vacations they would think about the child they lost and what it would have been like at the time.

Questions about miscarriage and pregnancy loss

Questions about miscarriage and pregnancy loss

What is a miscarriage?

A miscarriage is defined as a baby that does not survive beyond 20 weeks gestation. Some miscarriages occur on their own, while others are induced with a medical procedure.

What is a stillbirth?

Fetal death is defined as the loss of a pregnancy after 20 weeks gestation. The reason for this specification is that it is believed that after 20 weeks, a baby could survive.

Should I have a funeral after a miscarriage?

This is entirely up to you and may depend on how far along you are in your pregnancy. Some people prefer no ceremony at all, while others want to be with family at home.

Will I be able to see or hold my stillborn child?

Usually, after delivery, you will be given time alone with your baby. Many find solace in taking photographs or collecting their fingerprints.

Note: As with a miscarriage, after a stillbirth, you may be asked to authorize tests to determine the cause of death.

Should I have a funeral for my stillborn baby?

Depending on the state in which you live, how far along the fetus was, or how much the fetus weighs, you may be required by law in your state to report the death to the Registrar of Vital Statistics and have a medical certificate of death prepared. While how you choose to honor your baby is up to you, in some cases, the law will require you to contact a funeral home.

Once you have met the legal requirements, the decision to honor your baby with a funeral is a very personal one. For some, the closing of a ceremony or religious service may help in the grieving process.

Can I honor my baby with a full funeral?

If you choose to have a more elaborate tribute for their stillborn, anything that can be done for an adult can also be arranged for a child’s funeral. For example, you can have a full religious service, cremation or a simple gathering.

Can I get help paying for my baby’s funeral?

Some funeral homes offer families who have lost a baby some type of price reduction. And you can get financial assistance from Social Security or DIF in your community.

What should I consider before planning my child’s funeral?

Obviously, this is a difficult time but we urge families to think before burying a baby in a cemetery. We say this because we often cannot predict where we will live for the rest of our lives.

We advise parents to consider cremation so that if they move at some point, they can take the remains with them. Remember that you can also bury cremated ashes in a cemetery or garden, or scatter them at sea or simply keep them at home if that is something that brings you peace.

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