Being buried with my pets’ ashes, how do I fix this?

How can I be buried with the ashes of my dogs or cats?

Many people would like to be cremated and have their ashes combined with the ashes of their pets who have passed away before so they can be together again. But how is this type of cremation service arranged?

Talk to the funeral home or crematory.

The easiest thing to do is to let your family know your wishes and when the time comes they only have to inform the funeral home or crematory. They would all be more than happy to mix the ashes if that is what the family wants.

We are not aware of any case of refusal, especially if the request is sincere and requested with love.

Designate a trusted family member

Now, there is another way to accomplish this without involving a funeral home. Designate a trusted friend or family member (who is not squeamish) with your pets’ ashes, and have them designated as the person who will pick it up after it is cremated.

The urns are easy to open if you have a screwdriver and the bags inside are plastic. Your friend can open all the urns, mix them up and bury them all in any place he wishes.

Just be very careful with the place you choose (especially if it is private), because some places have fines if you are caught scattering ashes.

Gather all the urns, buried with the ashes of my pets.

Collect all ballot boxes

Another option is to simply gather the urns of all your pets next to yours in a place of your choice; either in a piece of furniture in the house, buried in the garden or in a niche.

In Mexico we are fortunately allowed to do whatever we want with cremated remains.

The size of the ballot box could come into play at some point. Depending on the size of the dogs or cats you are talking about as the amount of ash can be drastically different.

In short mixing your ashes with those of your pets is not a problem at all, finding a suitable place to bury them could be the challenge.

“It just gives me a sense of comfort, knowing that I can be with my pets after I’m gone.”? ?

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