How long does it take for the ashes to be returned to me after cremation?

How long does it take to obtain the ashes after cremation?

The cremation process depends on several factors and, therefore, the time it takes to recover the remains also varies. But how long does it take for the ashes to be returned to you after cremation?

The cremation process itself can take 1 to 2 days.

The cremation process itself can take 1 to 2 days, and that really varies a lot depending on the type of death and how it occurred, and also if there was a coroner involved, that could also add a few days.

It also depends on state regulations. For example, the times at the civil registry are on a predetermined schedule and it may be necessary to wait a few hours or even a day if it is on a weekend.

Physicians have 24 hours to sign and return the death certificate. After that happens and if it was a natural death or death by disease, cremation can begin. If the death involved an accident, the medical examiner is notified and it may take several days depending on the situation to approve a burial only (no cremation).

Steps for a person to be cremated and return ashes after cremation

Steps for a person to be cremated

Let’s see how long it takes to get ashes after cremation: there are several steps for a person to be cremated. The first step after having the medical certificate of death is to take your loved one into the care of a funeral home or crematory, they will be taken to a temperature controlled facility where a place in the crematory oven is released.

The family members sign some documents before the cremation can proceed. Normally the spouse is the closest relative. If there is no spouse, then it is the majority of adult children.

Once the death certificate is presented and the necessary authorizations have been signed by the family members, the process can begin. The actual cremation takes a few hours (between 4 and 6).

The ashes are then placed in an urn and the family members, together with an advisor from the funeral home or crematory, wait to obtain the death certificate from the local reg istry office . Once you have this document, the urn containing the ashes of your loved one can be delivered to the family members.

So, when do you get the ashes back? The funeral home or crematory will give the correct answer in the state where the cremation will occur. They have to know all the regulations and laws that are mandatory in their state. Most commonly, you will get your loved one’s ashes the next day after the crematory has taken care of your loved one.

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