Where should I place a Cremation Urn in my home?

“I never thought I would be the type of person to display an urn in my living room. Yet, here it is.”

For someone, visualizing the urn of a loved one comes naturally.

Of course, I should have a special place in my home, but Do I want it to be outdoors for all to see? Should I be in my room? Or hidden in a closet out of sight, so I can get on with my life? How close is too close?

Here are some thoughts that may help you find the right place for your loved one’s urn.

You don’t have to stay in the same place.

Like all belongings, urns are subject to movement, renewal, changes in circumstances and your mood. Unlike most belongings, urns carry a great emotional charge, making them seem much more than an object.

That’s why most people worry about finding the ‘perfect’ place for an urn. Pressing himself to decide, once and for all, where such a unique and special artifact should go is indicative of his pain. Keep in mind that it is normal to feel awkward with the urn, especially at first.

Put your ballot box where it makes sense

Put your urn where it makes sense.

Although it is difficult, try to separate your feelings about the urn long enough to consider where you would put it if it did not contain the ashes of a loved one. Depending on its size, color and the aesthetics of your home, there is probably an obvious place for your urn.

Depending on the size of your urn, you can place it on a side table, shelf, window sill, shelf. There are also no rules about which room an urn should go to. I have known people who display their urn in their bedroom, living room, dining room and even in the bathroom. There are no rules!

An urn does not have to be seen to be meaningful.

Incorporating an urn into your home decor may not be for you. It’s okay not to want a reminder of a death in your space.

Store the urn in a safe place: a closet or in a secure storage container (I suggest something waterproof) should be fine. With the urn stored somewhere where it is out of sight and protected, you can visit your loved one’s remains whenever you want.

Even if you have decided to keep your loved one’s remains in an urn, you do not need to leave them there forever. You may decide to bury it in a garden, scatter the ashes in the sea or a forest, or buy a niche.

If you’ve tried a few places in your home and find that the presence of the urn doesn’t feel right, there’s no rule that says you can’t change your mind. Give it to a loved one who will appreciate it. A clean and empty urn can be donated or sold.

Accept your mixed feelings.

It is natural to feel that there is no place respectful enough to keep your loved one’s cremains. Because an urn can represent so much, it can seem like a big decision.

In fact, you have more flexibility and options than you can imagine. There is no shame in any decision you make regarding storing or displaying your urn. Especially in the weeks following their death, some people find that storing an urn out of sight is an act of self-preservation. Others need it close by. Choose your own path and remember that this decision is not permanent.

Finding the right place

It is a strange presence to have the urn as it moves through the pain. There are times when you want her close; others she has to be out of sight. The final task to be accomplished in bereavement is to“find a way to maintain a connection with the person who died while embarking on your own life.” Keeping your loved one’s urn in your home can be a way to establish this lasting connection, during periods of grief and beyond.

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