5 reasons why cremation is better than burial

Why is cremation better than burial?

When it comes to funeral services, just 10 years ago, someone wanting to be cremated was very rare. However, according to several surveys, today, almost 75% of people prefer to be cremated rather than buried, regardless of their religious beliefs. But why is cremation gaining so much momentum? Here are some reasons why:

Cremation is economical

The first reason is that it is economical. The burial and all its related services can cost quite a lot; as it involves not only buying a burial quadruplex which can run around $40,000 pesos or more, it also includes embalming, buying a casket, transporting the body, etc.

On the other hand, cremation does not require many of the services associated with traditional funerals. In fact, you don’t even need a funeral home to prepare the body and can take it directly to a crematory. You save the cost of a casket, memorial service and can even keep the ashes at home if you wish! Therefore, for people on a tight budget, cremation is a much better option than burial.

Cremation is simple

Cremation is simple

The second reason is that cremation is simple. With our fast-paced lives, it sometimes happens that the loved ones of a deceased person find it difficult to have a proper funeral that involves days. With cremation there is no need to prepare the body, have a viewing service or make arrangements with funeral homes.

Direct cremation takes only a few hours and the bereaved family is free to hold a memorial gathering at home to remember the deceased.

3.- Shortage of cemeteries

The third reason is that there is an increasing shortage of cemeteries, as burial takes up a lot of space. Today’s cemeteries are not only expensive, but many times, people must travel far from home to find a location of their choice.

On the other hand, the remains of the cremated person can always be kept in an urn, which takes up much less space, whether you are burying the urn in the ground or keeping it in a mausoleum.

4.- Cremation going green

Environmental concerns are the fourth reason cremation is on the rise. People who have lived a “green” movement throughout their lives want to avoid increasing their carbon footprint once they are gone.

Burial involves not only the use of harmful chemicals in embalming, but also consumes natural resources such as wood (used in coffins) and soil.

Cremation, especially with new technologies, has a much lower environmental impact. Therefore, cremation is now part of a “green funeral”.

Cremation is more personal.

Finally, cremation is a much more personal way to say goodbye to your loved one. The deceased person’s ashes can be scattered at their favorite place or kept at home in an urn. That way, you are always close to your loved one, while at the funeral you must travel to the cemetery to see your loved one. You can’t even do it whenever you want; it must follow the rules and regulations of the place where it is buried.

Another nice thing about cremation is that you can take the ashes with you if you are moving from that city/location, but you can’t if the person is buried in a casket.

For all these reasons cremation is better than burial, and what do you think about it?

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