How to close a Gmail account of someone who died?

Don’t have your loved one’s Gmail account login information? Don’t worry.

Gmail is Google’s email service and is used by millions of people around the world.

If you do not have access to your loved one’s account, follow these steps to request account deletion:

close a dead person's gmail account
  • Provide all the information and documents requested to complete the process of closing a Gmail account. Google requires:
    • A scan of your government issued ID (INE, passport, etc).
    • Or driver’s license.
    • The decedent’s death certificate(death certificate).
    • And any additional documents.
  • Click on “Submit”. You should then receive a response from Google to follow up on your request.

If you have access to your loved one’s account information instead, log in and follow these instructions to manually close the account. https://support.%C2%

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