How to close accounts after the death of a loved one?

When a family member dies, our life stops, there is a great pause that makes us walk a dark path that ends after the burial. We will probably sleep for a few hours and wake up realizing that the world has continued to turn.

One of the issues that has followed its normal course of life has been the deceased’s bills and invoices to be paid. Some of the accounts that are starting to make the mailbox more robust are: credit cards, tax charges, municipal taxes, utility bills, student loans, etc.

It is there, when you return home with a mountain of bills to pay from your loved one who has departed, and you lay your head back on your pillow and definitely feel on the verge of mental collapse.

Tips for closing the accounts of a loved one

Tips for closing the accounts of a loved one

Our company is constantly experiencing stories, problems and we have heard of many situations that we, as social beings, go through in a cyclical manner. From Boinita we want to share with you some tips so that you can overcome this obstacle without getting overwhelmed in the attempt.

  • Keep the documents always at hand: One way to start closing the deceased’s accounts is to wait until you have the death certificate, which clearly specifies the date of death. There are many companies that do not request this document, however, in the event that they do, it is always preferable to have it at hand.
  • Don’t wait for the bills to arrive, do a review of the possible debts that the deceased might have: If we are talking about an average citizen, he will surely have from his subscriber service on his mobile, such as prepaid, apps like Spotify or Amazon Prime and even subscriptions to newspapers or magazines. One way to start closing all these accounts that could be open and continue to incur an increase is to make a mental list. Once our list has been generated, we will be able to cancel what is needed in a more organized way.
  • Make major cancellations, among other things, in writing: While this is not necessary in most cases, sending a written note with a copy of the death certificateThe credit card will provide you with the assurance that you will not incur any type of extra charge that you may want to charge to that credit card. Even with this note, you will be guaranteeing that the deceased will not be a victim of identity theft. Yes, as you have read, identity theft is more common with the data of deceased persons than with the data of living persons.

Life has nothing more painful than the death of a loved one. With death, our lives begin to experience emotional earthquakes that never seem to end. In any case, you should not let yourself be defeated by pain and anguish; you will have to go through situations such as the ones we have developed in this article: The cancellations of your obligations.

This step of the post mortem process is inevitable, as it is very rare for a person to pass away with all their accounts up to date, isn’t it? But if you can get organized, you will surely be able to complete this phase without feeling on the verge of helplessness.

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