How much does it cost to spread ashes at sea in Mexico?

Scattering ashes at sea has become increasingly popular among Mexicans. Many consider this type of ceremony to be much more natural, beautiful and relaxing for their loved ones compared to a traditional burial.

To scatter the cremated remains of their loved one at sea, family and friends board the yacht and travel to the desired location. Upon arrival, the captain will place the boat in a stable position. At that point the ceremony and tribute can begin. The ceremony can range from prayers, moving remarks, singing and even family members reciting poetry.

Then family and friends often throw flowers or even a bouquet along with the biodegradable urn to create a ceremony area. Then the captain can circle the area while family and friends take pictures and say goodbye for the last time.

Laws and Regulations

Laws and regulations on spreading ashes at sea

For the dispersion of ashes certain conditions must be met in order to be as environmentally friendly as possible: the use of natural flowers and wreaths; notification to Semarnat; ensuring that ashes are scattered at least three nautical miles from the beach; and using a biodegradable urn..

The laws and regulations for scattering ashes at sea are quite soft compared to burials. However, it must comply with some guidelines of the Environmental Agency (Semarnat), for example:

  • While the ash itself does not affect water quality, do not disperse any non-biodegradable elements. For example, wreaths and personal items may contain plastic or metal parts that can harm wildlife or create litter.
  • Spread the ashes in a place away from buildings and where people swim.
  • Many people do not care about the rules and scatter wherever they or the deceased wishes. Although we do not approve, it is doubtful that patrols are looking for people dumping ashes in the wrong places. Of course, that is at your own discretion.

The benefits of spreading ashes from a yacht include:

benefits of scattering ashes from a yacht
  • Total privacy.
  • You are totally surrounded by a beautiful view.
  • The colors are white and blue. They help to create a relaxed and positive atmosphere.
  • Celebration of the ceremony with friends and family only.
  • Dispersion at sea has infinite possibilities.
  • The ceremony is about saying goodbye and creating an eternal memory of the release of the person you love.

One of the benefits of scattering ashes at sea, which you don’t get with a standard funeral, is that it gives you more time to think about how you can express how much your loved one means to you. There are no particular rules for the ceremony of dispersal at sea.


  • Consider how many people will attend the ceremony when deciding on the boat. Be sure to discuss any special requests with your company beforehand to make sure they can accommodate your plans.
  • Beware the wind: one of the most common stories told about scattering ashes at sea is the family opening the urn to scatter the ashes, only to have the wind blow them back to the guests. It is often difficult to predict exactly which direction the wind will come from. This problem is eliminated by using a sealed salt urn.
  • Be aware of rain or storms, you may face other difficulties such as waves and strong winds, which could hinder the experience.
  • The summer months are a little quieter and therefore ideal for those who may suffer from motion sickness.
  • The water urns are designed to float smoothly, which makes the whole process much easier.
  • It is important to dress appropriately and be prepared for a bumpy ride. Boat decks can become slippery and keep in mind that it is often colder and windier at sea, so be sure to bring a sweater and jacket. If you or your assistants are prone to motion sickness, take appropriate medication beforehand.

How much does it cost to spread ashes in Cancun’s sea?

How much does it cost to spread ashes in Cancun's sea?

As with most things, prices vary and depend on the type of yacht, time, number of people, etc. Fortunately we show you three services that you can compare and remind you that at Boinita our consultants can help you organize the scattering of your loved one’s ashes at sea. We have relationships with reputable services that have vast experience in providing a dignified and moving tribute at sea to your loved one.

Ashes at Sea CeremonyCremation + CeremonyFuneral + Cremation + Ceremony
Transportation to the Marina (14 people)Body collection (Cancun area)Body collection (Cancun area)
Right of use of Yacht (14 persons)CremationEmbalmed
Ashes in the Sea Ceremony (duration 2 hours)Procedures before the Civil RegistryFuneral Room
24 bottles of waterTransportation to the Marina (14 people)Wooden casket Mod. Italian (rental)
Salt urnRight of use of Yacht (14 persons)Cremation
Floral wreath (complimentary)Ashes in the Sea Ceremony (duration 2 hours)Procedures before the Civil Registry
Transportation back to your hotel24 bottles of waterTransportation to the Marina (14 people)
*Includes reusable urn (for ash transfer).Salt urnRight of use of Yacht (14 persons)
Floral wreath (complimentary)Ashes in the Sea Ceremony (duration 2 hours)
Transportation back to your hotel24 bottles of water
*Includes reusable urn (for ash transfer).Salt urn
Floral wreath (complimentary)
Transportation back to your hotel
*Includes reusable urn (for ash transfer).
$28,400 pesos IVA incluido$38,400 pesos IVA incluido$48,400 pesos IVA incluido

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I spread flowers in the sea?

Yes, it is allowed to scatter flowers or petals into the sea as long as they are real.

Do we have to accompany the ashes to the place of scattering?

Many families want to be part of the ceremony and be present at the final resting place, but this is entirely optional.

How is unattended dispersion performed?

The boat crew will take the ashes and complete the dispersal as instructed. A video may be arranged if desired.

How long does the dispersion of ashes in the sea voyage last?

Trips average 2 hours but are flexible according to your needs and desires.

How can I know the exact location where the dispersion occurred?

The captain of the boat will be able to give you the exact longitude and latitude coordinates of the exact dispersal point, please ask before performing the ceremony.

Is the yacht safe for all ages?


Can I keep some of the ashes?

Yes. Many families choose to keep a number of keepsake ashes for use in a locket or to store in an urn.

Do I need a special container for the ashes?

Yes, the container or urn must be biodegradable and sealed with non-toxic glue.

There are a variety of urns made specifically for this purpose, including some made of salt, sand or paper. Some are designed to sink and slowly dissolve to disperse the ashes once the container is deposited on the seabed.

Will my family have privacy when we scatter our loved one’s ashes?

You will be accompanied by at least one crew member, and taken to a quiet place to disperse. While every effort is made to provide privacy for your group, it may not be total privacy, depending on the location used for the process.

How do I fly with the urn?

This may be the most difficult part of your loved one’s journey to the sea. Each airline establishes its own policies regarding the transportation of cremated remains. Some allow the remains in checked baggage. Others only allow ashes as carry-on baggage.

It is important that you travel with the documents provided by your funeral home:

  • Death certificate.
  • Crematory certificate.
  • Medical certificate of death (if applicable).

"The sea is the largest cemetery, and its sleepers sleep without a monument. All other cemeteries show symbols of distinction between great and small, rich and poor: but in the cemetery of the ocean; the king, the clown, the prince and the peasant are equal, indistinguishable."

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