How to reduce funeral costs in Mexico?

Funerals can cost much more than people expect and it is not uncommon for family members of the deceased to pay up to $80,000 for a funeral service. With many factors to consider, such as burial fees, flowers, transportation, paperwork, niches and reception, costs can begin to mount, which can put a family under financial strain in a time of distress.

Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce funeral costs and keep expenses manageable. Here we take a look at five of the best ways to limit the amount of money you spend on a funeral.

Burial and cremation fees

Burial and cremation fees can often be one of the most expensive aspects of a funeral. This is particularly true in downtown areas where space is at a premium. Alternatives to keep costs down may include the choice of natural burial or direct cremation.

A natural burial involves a burial in a protected area with a beautiful garden where the deceased are returned to the earth in the most natural way possible. It is generally considered much better for the environment.

Similarly, you may opt for a simple cremation. This occurs outside of peak crematory hours and mourners cannot be present at the cremation. The ashes are returned to the family after the service. This is much cheaper than the classic burial or cremation options and any money you save can be used to remember the deceased through a suitable memorial service organized by the family.

Coach or limousine transportation

It is often considered traditional to have limousines driving to the funeral service. However, this is a matter of personal preference and can certainly reduce funeral costs if you reduce transportation.

Depending on where the service takes place, the family can make its own way, allowing the money to be spent in more essential areas. It may happen that funeral directors exert a little pressure in an effort to convince you that optional extras such as transportation are essential for a proper funeral. However, the choice should be left up to you to decide what you do and do not want for the funeral, and remember that your choice in this matter is final.

The Funeral and how to reduce funeral costs

El Velorio

If you wish to hold a wake or memorial service, there are several ways to reduce costs. There is no right or wrong way, so do what you think is best and try to plan within your means.

Instead of hiring a large venue, the wake can be held at the home of the deceased or at the home of a family member. Similarly, the responsibility for the meal can be shared among all the guests, and everyone brings a dish to share.

Fundraising or Crowdfunding

A more modern way to reduce funeral costs is through the use of crowdfunding. Instead of one family member or part of the family assuming full financial responsibility, those who knew the deceased can donate to help cover expenses.

This can be a fantastic way to cover the cost of a funeral and bring people together to remember the deceased. When everyone has invested something, no matter how small, there is often a sense of greater participation in the proceedings among all those present. This also makes it possible for family and friends living abroad to feel involved and contribute to the funeral.

Use a comparison site

Finally, one of the best ways to reduce funeral costs is by using a price comparison site. You can save time and money, and this can greatly simplify the planning process, allowing you to take full control of the funeral you are looking to arrange.

Plan ahead

If you have the luxury of time before you or a loved one passes away, you may want to consider taking out a funeral plan or life insurance.

Take out a monthly payment plan

While a financing plan actually increases the final cost of your funeral, many find it more manageable to pay your funeral costs over the course of a year or two, rather than paying it up front. When you take out a month-to-month plan you can manage your payments, and if you are waiting for your inheritance to arrive, this credit can make a lot of sense.

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