Frequently Asked Questions about Single Cremation

These are the frequently asked questions about simple cremation that most people have:

Is simple cremation really for me?

Simple cremation is a relatively new service. It is perfect for you if:

  • Start with the idea of organizing a creative celebration of your loved one’s life, rather than a traditional funeral.
  • I would like a simple cremation, without holding a funeral service at the same time, so that you have the time and freedom to find the best way to remember your loved one.
  • They are making arrangements for someone who has told you they don’t want a big fuss, or for you to spend too much.
  • He does not need, or want, the casket to be there at the memorial service.
  • I would like more time to arrange a funeral so that distant relatives can attend.
  • You would prefer to spend your budget on something other than a traditional funeral, such as a special ash scattering ceremony.

So, no funeral, just cremation?

Only if you wish. While simple cremation appeals to those who would prefer a cremation without a funeral service, most people choose it so that they can arrange a more personal farewell later with the ashes.

These days, there are all sorts of creative and special ways to celebrate a loved one’s life by scattering their ashes, from simply gathering at a favorite spot, to sending them off to fireworks. With simple cremation, it is completely up to you.

How do the prices of a simple cremation vs. a burial compare?

How do simple cremation prices compare with standard burial and cremation?

Simple cremation is the least expensive type of cremation: while our cremation service costs $6,499 pesos, the average cost for a standard cremation at a funeral home is around $15,000 pesos and for a burial is $25,000 pesos.

Learn more about our services and prices here.

What documentation do I need to arrange a direct cremation?

After you have the medical certificate of death, we will work with you to gather the required documentation for the cremation to proceed.

What is a simple prepaid cremation?

With our prepaid single cremation plan, you can pay for your own single cremation in advance. This means that certain key costs are already covered when it is time for your family to make the necessary arrangements.

Our simple cremation plan includes:

Collection, transportation, paperwork, cremation, a beautiful wooden urn and hand delivery of the ashes.

When the time comes, your family just needs to provide proof of payment to get things moving. Our simple prepaid cremation plan is 100% guaranteed, so everything you have paid for is covered with no additional costs.

I would like to set up a simple prepaid cremation: what happens if I cancel or my family decides they want a traditional funeral?

Once we have set up your simple cremation plan, you can cancel and receive a full refund.

If you change your mind after that point, or if your family decides to have a more traditional funeral rather than a simple cremation with us, we will refund all plan funds.

What will happen to the ashes of my loved one?

We will personally deliver your loved one’s ashes to you within a few hours after cremation.

If you need the ashes sooner, let us know and we will do our best to make it happen.

Remember that Boinita is a Simple Cremation Service without a Funeral Service with the guarantee of the best price and service.

At Boinita we can take care of the cremation of your loved one. Then, once we have returned the ashes to you, you can arrange a simple memorial service that is perfect for you and your family.

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Boinita offers Single Cremation services without a Funeral Service, with a fixed price and 24-7 customer service. Boinita is located in the metropolitan areas of Aguascalientes, Cancun, Hermosillo, Merida and San Luis Potosi.

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