There’s no way around it, Mother’s Day is different this year.

There’s no way around it, Mother’s Day is different this year.

Packed restaurant lunches are out, hugs are out, Zoom or Google Hangout calls are in.

Public health experts say that staying away is the best gift you can give your mother.

Local businesses have discovered safe options in this “new normal,” but you can also write an “old school” letter or send a simple card.

Remembering a loved one who has passed away is also possible from the safety of your home. There are many ideas including planting a tree, supporting a cause or making a commemorative video. If you need more inspiration, you can make a memory quilt, cook a favorite meal or watch a favorite movie, among other ideas, to remember a departed loved one.

This is a difficult time and those who have lost family members may need space to grieve, while others celebrating their living mothers will need to get creative with virtual activities. But either way, we hope everyone finds a way to remember the women who helped bring us into the world.

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