What are the different types of cremation?

Types of Cremation

When it comes time to honor the memory of our loved ones, the process can be overwhelming. A good way to limit stress is to gather information and use it to make a decision about how to proceed with the cremation service.

There are three main types of cremation services:

  • Traditional funeral service (prior to cremation)
  • Memorial Service (after cremation)
  • Direct or simple cremation (without service)

What is a traditional funeral service?

A traditional service is where the deceased is available for viewing by family and friends prior to cremation.

Generally, this service should be performed within two to three days of death. Often, a traditional funeral service is held in a religious or funeral facility. Sometimes the family decides to use a house or a significant place as a place of service.

Due to the nature of having the deceased viewed, he or she must be embalmed for a traditional funeral service to make sense.

This is the process by which the deceased is treated to slow the process of decomposition. For the best possible experience for family and friends to honor the deceased.

Once the traditional funeral service is completed, the body will be transported to a crematory to begin the cremation process. When this process is completed, the remains will be delivered to the family in an urn.

The traditional funeral service is often quite expensive. You should consider the additional costs associated with embalming and preparing the deceased for the wake during the funeral. In addition, there will be additional transportation and logistics costs.

The traditional funeral service is undoubtedly the most expensive of the three types of cremation. Compare prices in your city as costs are closely related to location.

What is a memorial service?

The main difference between a traditional funeral and a memorial service is when the body is cremated.

A memorial service occurs when the body has already been cremated.

Since the body has already been cremated, the family has a lot of flexibility as to when to gather friends and family in memory of the deceased. For this reason, a memorial service has a higher level of time flexibility.

Memorial Service Tips

  • Another benefit of opting for a memorial service is the flexibility of location. If the deceased had died in another city, it would be quite difficult and expensive to take the body to another state for the traditional funeral service. However, if the loved one has already been cremated, the memorial service could easily be held almost anywhere. while keeping in mind the cremated remains.
  • A memorial service can be held in a home, church, cemetery or almost anywhere.
  • After the cremation and memorial service, the cremated remains in the urn may be interred in a cemetery grave, placed in a cremation niche or taken home to be with the family. All options are used depending on the family’s religion and beliefs and each can have important benefits.
  • With the memorial service option and with cremation of the body on the first or second day of death, there will be no need for embalming. This will allow you to save on the cost of the funeral service, so be sure to keep this in mind when requesting quotes from local funeral homes and cremation services..

What is direct cremation?

What is direct cremation?

Direct or simple cremation is the simplest of the three types of cremation services. This is largely considered the cheapest way to handle the death of a loved one..

While the traditional funeral service and memorial service will have both a gathering and other logistical and preparation costs, the direct cremation type of service is simply a cremation of the body. Of course, after cremation, the cremated remains are returned to the family in an urn.

Direct cremation does not require the body to be embalmed. This can be a great option for those on a limited budget. Almost everyone lives on meager resources and on a budget of some kind or another. There is no shame in opting for direct cremation.

Sometimes it may be the request of the deceased to not have a funeral or memorial service. Do not exert any unnecessary pressure if the deceased family member did not want it that way.

Simple cremation is usually the least expensive of the three types of cremation services. In fact, direct cremations accounted for almost 37% of all cremations.

Is cremation a popular choice?

Cremation is becoming increasingly popular and everyone has their own choices about how best to handle the memories of their family members and loved ones. Religion and traditions play an important role in the choice of using cremation or burial.

Cremations will continue to grow as a worldwide trend, attributed to factors such as less interest in religious beliefs and traditions and a general desire to be more economical and simplistic.

A cremation costs about one-half to one-third the cost of a funeral with burial. So as the average consumer looks for ways to reduce costs and become more efficient, cremation becomes more important to everyone.

Do you have relatives elsewhere nearby? It would be very helpful to make sure that most of the family is together so that visitors can visit all deceased family members.

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