What to do after cremation?

What options do we have after cremation?

In the past, end-of-life options consisted only of burial in a cemetery. Cremation services offer flexibility and personalization that burials do not. Today their final resting place may be a forest, an ash reliquary, a niche, etc.

Cremation is currently one of the most popular options. This increase can be attributed to socioeconomic factors, environmental impact, changing religious beliefs and economic price.

A traditional wake costs around $25,000 pesos and to this cost is added the cemetery location which can be as much as $20,000 pesos or more. For many, spending so much money on their burial feels unnecessary. While single cremation is already an affordable all-inclusive package.

When considering your end-of-life plans, cremation is only the first step. Planning begins when you choose where your ashes will be placed or scattered. That could mean placing his ashes in a forest or making them into a ring for his relatives.

Spreading the ashes

Some people choose to scatter the ashes in a favorite place, such as a vacation they loved. Others want their ashes to be scattered at sea or in a forest. Because of the flexibility the ashes can be distributed among family members, scattered once, in several places or over the years.

Ashes used in art

Art made from cremation ashes will last for generations. Commemorate your loved ones with a piece of art that honors their life and keeps their memory alive. Some forms of ashes with art include:


Cremation jewelry allows you to keep the memory of your loved one close. Pendants are divided into several categories such as diamonds and crystals.

The lockets have a chamber for you to add the ash yourself, the custom jewelry is made with a little ash during the glass blowing process and the custom jewelry is made entirely from the ash.


These tattoos use an ash-infused ink solution to create a work of body art. The ink is used as it would be used in any other tattoo, but the meaning will last a lifetime.

Glass art

You can turn your ashes into a piece of cremation glass art such as; stained glass, vases, glass flowers and blown glass pieces.


Cremation paints are created by mixing ashes with specially formulated paint. After mixing the paint and ash, your artist can create a portrait or any other artwork you request.

Back to green after cremation

Back to green

Many people are looking for end-of-life plans that help protect nature. Today there are many options that honor our planet.

Commemorative choir

For people who love the sea and would like to rest on the bottom, there is the option of an artificial memorial reef. These are created by mixing ash and cement to create a mold, then placed on the ocean floor. They stimulate the generation of corals and local marine life while giving your family GPS coordinates.

Memorial forests

These forests are a green alternative to traditional cemeteries, which are harsh on the natural environment. Memorial forests help protect forest land and provide a quiet, protected space for your family member’s memory to live on.

His ashes will be mixed with soil and placed at the base of a private tree during a memorial service. This tree will continue to be a beautiful place for family members to visit.

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