How do I know that I have received the remains of my loved one?

What are cremated ashes?

Most people know the term “ashes” when talking about cremated remains, but in reality these remains are bone fragments, processed into the consistency of ashes. They can vary in color from white to gray and resemble sand. These residues are odorless and non-toxic.

How do I know that I have received the remains of my loved one?

This is a very common question we get asked by families. A great deal of trust is placed in your funeral home or crematory to properly handle your loved one’s farewell.

Here are some points to take into account:

  • Death care is a highly regulated professional industry.
  • Funeral directors and crematory operators are licensed by the state, undergo background checks and must renew permits that depend on a good reputation and a clean record.
  • The funeral industry is full of empathetic, hardworking people who chose a career in death care because they want to help people.
  • Funeral homes would never dream of dishonoring the trust that families place in them.
  • Beyond the moral obligation and regulatory controls in place, there are multiple internal systems in place to ensure that a facility always knows who is in its care.
  • When a deceased person is brought into the care of a funeral home, the team gathers vital information about who they are picking up. This information is placed on a label that is then stored in the person’s physical body.
  • Cremation is only scheduled once all necessary authorizations, permits and special requests are submitted to the crematory operator.
  • These documents and identification are compared with the person’s tags before the cremation process begins.
  • The remains are then processed and placed in an urn on which a label is placed and the paperwork is kept with the urn until it is returned to a loved one.

What can I expect when I receive the urn with the remains of my loved one?

What can I expect when I receive the urn with the remains of my loved one?

While the final amount of cremated remains varies depending on the size and bone density of the loved one, most adults end up weighing between 2 and 3 kilograms.

The remains are placed in a thick clear plastic bag to ensure that the remains are kept contained. This bag is placed inside the display urn or in a temporary urn.

The urns are a suitable option for storage, scattering or air travel.

Whatever your urn is, it is recommended that it have a label placed somewhere inconspicuous so that it is easily identifiable. This may seem unnecessary, but it is common for them to be stored in their homes and later found by relatives or strangers who did not know the deceased and have no way of identifying the contents.

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