Where to find inexpensive caskets?

What is a coffin?

One of the main things about a traditional funeral is the casket. It is given great emotional significance, as it is the last thing you see when you say goodbye to your loved one.

The casket is used to protect the dignity of the deceased and can provide a beautiful and meaningful way to display the remains of your loved one during a funeral.

What influences the price of a casket, Where to find affordable caskets?

What influences the price of a casket?

Caskets come in a wide variety of designs, simple caskets can cost as little as $5,000 pesos while luxury and customizable options can cost as much as $80,000 pesos. This means there are many options, and you can find one that suits your taste as well as your budget.

The price of a casket depends on the material from which it is made (as does the furniture). Inexpensive caskets such as pine, to more expensive ones such as mahogany. Other materials such as bronze achieve higher costs than stainless steel.

Any special design will also affect the price, as well as whether you require customization work. One thing to keep in mind is that prices will be higher at funeral homes, and prices will be lower at online providers.

Where to find inexpensive caskets?

A good way to find affordable caskets is through funeral home groups on Facebook.

These are some of these groups:

Remember to always verify that the supplier is real and try to visit him personally (or send an acquaintance). Ask if they have the shipping service and calculate it in the final cost.

Costs associated with a casket

Remember that if you use the burial option, the burial costs must also be added:

  • Embalming.
  • Aesthetic preparation.
  • Wake service.
  • Transfer by carriage.
  • Place in the cemetery.

Now if the family chooses cremation, the use of a casket is optional. You may wish to have a memorial service with a rented casket followed by cremation.

Or they can use the simple cremation service without a funeral service where the family themselves can arrange a gathering or memorial service at a time and place of their choosing: this way families save even more money.

They can then keep the urn in their home as long as they wish, place the urn in a niche or bury the ashes in a symbolic place.

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