Can You Hold a Non-Religious Funeral in Mexico?

Questions about non-religious funerals

Funerals can be religious or non-religious depending on the beliefs of the person who passed away; it is a personal choice.

Although having a funeral in a religious manner used to be considered traditional, attitudes are changing. Last year, non-religious funerals increased by 18%.

What is a non-religious funeral called?

A non-religious funeral is sometimes referred to as a celebration of life or a humanist funeral. However, a humanist funeral may have religious readings and hymns if requested.

What is an atheist funeral?

An atheist funeral is a funeral ceremony for someone who did not follow a religion and rejects religious views associated with life and death. Since an atheist funeral contains no religious readings or hymns, family and friends may read excerpts from a book, poem or share stories of their loved one. This may be a sincere tribute in his memory.

What happens at a non-religious funeral?

A non-religious funeral may have music, readings and personal tributes. But the exception will be the lack of religious content. Friends and family can come together to express and share their stories, as well as to celebrate a person’s life in a simple and sincere way.

Where can a non-religious funeral be held?

Where can a non-religious funeral be held?

A non-religious funeral can be held anywhere. The ceremony can take place at a crematory, cemetery chapel, burial site, event hall, or hotel. Services can also be performed in your own home.

If your loved one had a favorite place to visit and you wish to arrange the service there, talk to your funeral home and they will provide the service.

Who can conduct a non-religious funeral?

Anyone can conduct a non-religious funeral. This may include family members or friends, or you could use a speaker. You can plan what you would like to be included in the ceremony and the order. Here are some things you can include:

  • Music selection, favorite songs for the beginning, middle and end of the ceremony.
  • Readings, for family members and friends.
  • Read a poem, either one that is personal to the person who died or one that is special to you.
  • Share stories of your loved one.

How do you dress for a non-religious funeral?

This is similar for those attending a traditional funeral. The etiquette of what to wear may be a choice previously made by the deceased family member. They may want everyone to wear bright colors. While there are no set rules about what to wear to a non-religious funeral, it is good to dress respectfully, unless otherwise specified by the family.

What do you talk about at a non-religious funeral?

Offer condolences and words of comfort appropriate to the tone of the funeral. You may wish to share a story with a grieving loved one and recall an experience. However, if the ceremony has a more serious tone, offer your sincere condolences and simply acknowledge your loss.

If you wish to contribute to the ceremony, talk to a family member to see if this is possible.

If you want to know more about humanist funerals, click on the following link.

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