Do you have to have a funeral?

Funerals are not for everyone. You may not like the idea and not want one for yourself, or you may have difficulty deciding what to do for someone you love. So, do you have to have a funeral? Mexican society has been changing its attitudes towards what happens after a death, and now there are more options than ever. Let us show you what you can do.

Do you have to have a funeral by law?

There are no laws in Mexico stating that everyone must have a funeral. However, your body will need to be buried or cremated when you die. And someone, usually a close relative or the person executing your will, has to organize that.

There are all kinds of reasons not to want a funeral. We have some of these described below, along with some suggestions of what you might do instead.

“I don’t want a traditional funeral”: choose an alternative celebration

We get it: the idea of a float heading toward a crowd of black-clad mourners is not appealing to everyone. Do you have to have a funeral like this? Not at all. These days, you have hundreds of options, from donating your body to medical science to hosting a casket decorating party. You can even have your ashes shot into space.

If you want your funeral to be more of a celebration, think about what it could be like. Then, you can look for funeral directors (who are somewhat similar to wedding planners) and some speaker to do things differently.

I don't want a big funeral

“I don’t want a big funeral” – choose direct cremation.

He may have written “don’t I have money for a funeral?” At Google because you are concerned about how your loved ones will cope with the stress of organizing one. You may wish to give them your blessing not to arrange a funeral at all, or the opportunity to hold one at a later date, in your own time. Cost could be a concern.

If that is the case, you might consider a simple cremation. This is a simple and economical cremation without a funeral service. The crematorium takes the person who has died into its care, arranges for the cremation and then returns his or her ashes to the family. Some close family members may attend the cremation (not at COVID times), which is usually early in the morning on a weekday.

After the ashes are returned, what happens next is completely open. You (or your family, rather) can leave it that way or hold a memorial service later with the ashes.

Boinita can help you arrange a simple cremation in San Luis Potosi for as little as $6,499 pesos. We will give you or your loved one a simple and dignified farewell, leaving plenty of time to plan a memorial service at a later date.

“Why spend so much money on something I’m not going to see?” – consider a living funeral

Do you have to have a funeral when you die? You could have one while you are still alive, so you can celebrate your life with the people you love and show your appreciation for them.

Live funerals became popular in Japan in the 1990s, and in Europe and the United States after the publication of Mitch Albom’s memoir. Most recently, the Rites of Passage series followed Roch Maher as he arranged a funeral for himself after he was diagnosed with an illness.

You can arrange a living funeral yourself or with the help of a funeral director. Well planned, it can be an amazing experience.

“We can’t have the body there”: organize a memorial service.

You do not have to have a funeral with the body of the person who died. You could have a memorial service instead. For example, many families opt for a simple cremation and hold a memorial service a few months or even a year later. This gives them more time to regroup and prepare. Many others choose to hold a memorial service after a loved one dies and is buried abroad. More information on how to hold a memorial service can be found here.

Whatever you decide, make your wishes clear.

If you have decided that you personally do not want a funeral, it is important to have a conversation with your family and friends about it. Explain what you want and what it means to you. You can also record your wishes in your will, so that they have something as an example.

However, keep in mind that funeral wishes, whether in a will or not, are not binding. Your family and friends have the right to make a decision when the time comes. Psychologically, funerals can be very important for those left behind. Performing a ceremony is a way for loved ones to let go and express their love for the person who died. Do you have to have a funeral? By law, no, but in practice it can happen anyway.

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