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  • Who has the right to the ashes of their loved one?

    It is not uncommon for family quarrels to arise over the possession or right to the ashes of the deceased after cremation.

    In what scenarios might such fights arise?

    A common example is when the Loved One has a second marriage, leaving a spouse who wishes the ashes to be kept or buried in a different location […]

  • 7 things to do when my loved one dies

    The loss of a family member can lead to a sea of emotions. You may not want to do anything, or feel exactly the opposite. If you know your loved one may pass away soon, it is helpful to be prepared and have a plan of action to take when the time comes. Here are […]

  • How to Plan a Funeral in San Luis Potosi this 2020

    Making funeral planning arrangements can be difficult, whether you are planning a full service or a cremation service in San Luis Potosi for someone close to you or simply planning your own funeral in advance. There are many decisions to be made.

    This article is here to guide you through the process from start to finish, […]

  • What is a Humanist Funeral?

    AHumanist Funeral

    A Humanist Funeral is a non-religious ceremony that celebrates the life of someone who has passed away. This type of service can be conducted by a
    or you can simply arrange your own funeral with your loved one’s ashes present.

    A humanist funeral is a ceremony that celebrates the life of someone […]

  • People have a good sense of humor about death when writing their wills

    Despite being worried about writing their will, many people have a surprisingly good sense of humor once they get started. This really manifests itself in the gifts and personal messages that people leave for their family and friends.
    In 2019, someone left money to his best friend insisting he use it for the football lessons he […]