Price Comparison of Cemeteries in Mexicali

Although most families today choose cremation services, they may opt to use a cemetery in the city of Mexicali. They are built as a monument and enclose the burial space of a person. The bodies are stored under or above ground in a defined space called a crypt.

They can house one coffin in their interior space or several crypts (burial compartments) can be built inside to contain the remains of all the members of a family.

One positive aspect of a cemetery is that it protects your loved ones from the elements. Initially cemeteries were built as a way to commemorate those in power as kings and queens, today they are built for any family.

Cemeteries can be private or public. If you wish to bury the body of your loved one, a burial in a cemetery is called entombment.

Types of cemeteries

1. Family members

They can be built not only to house the remains of the person who has recently passed away, but can also be built to house the remains of any other family member. Those who choose this option tend to desire a special closeness to their loved ones.

2. Audiences

Many cemeteries have community spaces where many unrelated families may choose to bury the remains of their deceased. For those who want a burial, but find buying it as a package too expensive, a community cemetery is a great option. Families share the cost burden, making it an economical burial option.

3. Gardens

Garden cemeteries do not have indoor spaces. This outdoor space has crypts for caskets and is used to display urns or mementos of loved ones. They are decorated with statues or sculptures and other forms of art. Surrounded by beautiful gardens, they offer a sense of tranquility and peace.

4. Niches

Although it does not contain coffins, the niches can be classified as a cemetery because it contains the remains of cremated bodies. Its walls contain urns and each space is marked with a plaque, with the name of the person.

Niche costs

A cremation niche is much less expensive than a crypt. This choice allows the family of the cremated person to have a place to visit their loved one. These are also available in single, double or family space.

Because prices vary so much, it is important to research and compare prices so you can get the best deal.

Fortunately, at Boinita we have made some comparisons that will help you a lot:

5. Crypts

A chamber or vault, usually below the main floor of a church, used for burial. The size of the cemetery determines the number of crypts it can hold. Each crypt usually contains a coffin.

Crypt prices depend on whether the cemetery is indoor, outdoor or private. They also depend on the location, including its height from the ground.

How to save money in a cemetery

Price comparison is always the best way to save money. Be sure to look at more than one cemetery in your area and find out prices. Once you have the information, negotiate the best price.

Price Comparison of Cemeteries in Mexicali

Cemetery Prices in Mexicali

How much does a cemetery cost in Mexicali? The price varies according to the place where your loved one will be laid to rest, the services and details you choose. You will have an easier process if you can establish a rough budget range. Always ask if there is flexibility in payments.

The following are the prices of cemeteries in Mexicali:

PublicMunicipal Cemetery No. 26865548492Sold outSold outSold out
PrivateEl Angel Memorial Park6865636262$32,326
PublicPioneros de Mexicali Cemetery 16861893300
PrivateGayosso – La Esperanza Garden Cemetery6865650853
PrivateEternal Rest Garden Pantheon6865617093$13,000$25,000$38,000
PrivateParadise Gardens6865524747$26,870
PrivateGardens of Time6865522930

Whatever your budget, the cemetery should be willing to provide transparent pricing and create something meaningful that honors your loved one.

Don’t feel pressured into debt with these cemetery prices in Mexicali. A beautiful farewell has much more to do with the feelings, emotions and memories of a beloved friend or family member.

Advantages of a cemetery

  • They provide an option for people who do not want to be cremated.
  • They offer an option for those who are concerned about being buried underground.
  • They are quite common these days and most cemeteries have options.
  • Some are like a house, you can have music playing, seating areas and decorations to decorate the interior and make it more peaceful when you come to visit your loved one.
  • You can buy a quadruplex and bring the whole family together.

Disadvantages of a cemetery

  • The price is the biggest disadvantage.
  • As in any construction, things can happen, so you should check your structure.
  • Over the years, water can damage the caskets.
  • Because gas accumulates from decomposition, it is important to make sure that the casket includes a sealant that releases the accumulated gas.

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